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Thursday, July 23, 2009
The Hope of M'sia In Our Hands

The below is a letter from Hannah Yeoh. Just for the record, I support what is right and not just any leader. Mind you, Hannah Yeoh is not asking for people to support her, but people who will stand for what is right.

So many people have been telling me just how frustrated they are with the current political situation in our country. Some have told me that they regretted voting for change because of the political instability now and would prefer returning to their old style of voting - vote for stability and forget about having a stronger opposition and greater check and balance. I shudder at the thought of this!
One needs to remember the reason why we are seeing such great resistance for change is simply because there is much to lose for those who have been in power for so long. For decades there has been so much abuse of power, unchecked misuse of public funds and plain dirty corruption. With a stronger opposition now, they stand to lose their illegal sources of income and some may even be charged and sent to prison if they are found guilty.
With this in mind, they will fight at all costs to reclaim back power and to ensure they can continue to steal public funds from the people for their own enrichment. We are not just dealing with differences in politics; we are combating evil forces who will not rest till they secure back their powers and illegal sources of income.
Sometimes I feel equally frustrated and disillusioned about the political situation too. Sometimes I lie awake thinking of how to effect change in this land. Some days I cry while driving in between meetings thinking of what's left for the future generation in this land if we give up now.
I have endured much verbal attack from political enemies, accusation after accusation of me not doing anything for my constituents and etc. No one truly understands the resistance we face daily in discharging our duties except for my fellow PR assemblymen.
Robert Kennedy once said ‘*Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator and change has its enemies.*’ Our enemies are resisting change but we must stand firm and continue to push for a competent, accountable and transparent government.
At the end of each day, as I lay myself to sleep, I ask God for strength, wisdom and protection to face the next. I look forward to the end of the term when I can tell the people of Subang Jaya that I have remained clean and have not stolen any of the taxpayers' funds.
As reminded by Raja Petra in his blog "*Please continue your struggle to make Malaysia a better place for our future generation. This country belongs to them and it is for them that we struggle.*" All hope is not lost. Come the next election, vote out the corrupt once and for all. Hang in there supporters and friends, the best is yet to come!

Wow.. This are the words written by a citizen of Malaysia. I agree to what she has said that in the case of instability, its because of the fight of power between good (non-corrupt) and evil(corrupt). Obviously, when there is an opposing force things will have to shake and eventually fall for a new power to rise up. The purpose of this text was to enlighten the citizens of M'sia that when things are going bad, we should remain strong and firm to what is right because the only reason it is going bad, is because the good leaders are shaking the bad leaders.

So, we Malaysians should not enter FREAKING immigrant mindsets- what is that mindset? I'll explain-
"getting worse la this country
, move out la"
"not my country, this country stepping stone to australia oni(only when things are bad)"
"my future generation will suffer la, must change country(kotek you, you go other country doesn mean better-if your definition of not suffering means not partaking in bad politics then I would say your brain is very small. When your kids which is your future generation grow up- you think when they stay in more developed countries(australia, america), they can get job? they can be more successfull? they can have a good pay? where are they going to stay? apartment you noe friend... how many millions of people who are more talented, educated, and experienced then you compared to in M'sia? Why they want to hire an indonesian worker when they can hire local?

but we should continue fighting. Imagine at the very last battle between good and evil which hence would decide who would be leaders of the country-we back down, we give up, we care not... then what is the whole purpose of our fight? Might as well give up at the very beginning.. We have already started shaking the bad people, let us continue doing so till the end!

You have your talents, gifts, and voice to make change and stand for what is right. Don't waste your energy critizing and say what is right and what is wrong. Just do what is right-play your part. I believe in every good fight, the end is always near, a time where our children can see and experience good public transport, trustworthy civil workers, loyal and integrity government servants, dynamic ecosystem with its splendour of trees, roads, and infrastructure. We will be better than other countries but humility being the essence of our development, not pride and arrogance. We can make a change, we can make a difference.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009
Work Out Post Part 1
Its finally here! Here goes my motivation talk to Jon! haha! You better work out man- I've spent hours on this.. Before we get started, here are some basic things you need to master:

a) breathing technique- always breath out when pressure is implied. This explains brain cramps because when your muscles are getting teared, energy and oxygen is needed more there so when you don't breathe, oxygen is reduced at your brain. BRAIN FREEZE!

b) rest- after working out, you need at least 12, 24, 48 hours of rest depending on your regeneration period where your muscles get fixed again (the rate usually increases as you exercise more)

c) meals- the best way to lose fats and gain muscle is to eat! Hallelujah for all the Malaysians! The more times you have your meals (moderate ones), the higher your metabolic rate. This will help prevent unused food to turn into fats by the digestion of your acid in your cute little tummy.

d) sleep- sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. This will help decrease your regeneration period.


The emphasize on achieving a broad shoulders cannot be compromised. For me, having a broad shoulder and a strong back is like having milo in the morning- its mandatory! Why? Broad shoulders complements your arms and makes you look wider and bigger while your back allows you to burden on higher weights- you don't want to hurt your back!

There are 2 methods you can do to achieve a broad shoulder:
1. Arnold press [middle deltoids] 2. Military press (shoulder press) [middle deltoids] 3. Lateral raises [middle deltoids] 4. Front Dumbbell raises [front deltoid].
*go to http://www.intense-workout.com/shoulder_exercises.html for the method description.

People who have shoulders usually work on their trapezius (back muscle group) to balance that width. Trapezius are those muscles beside your neck just to make things clearer!

To have that, you can do shrugs. With 2 dumbbells side by side of your body, slowly elevate your shoulders up and down as though you're saying "I dunno"..

Here is my workout routine for my shoulders. Adjust them according to your limit.
Military press- 10-12 reps, 5 sets[6kg] Shrugs- 15-20 reps, 4 sets[6kg]

Bicep & Triceps.

This is the part all the guys steam. You want it big and you want it hard. Don't get me wrong, its nice- But, don't make it imbalanced because you will look like a freak.

So many guys out there wear them tight shirts and their bicep and tricep popping out like them marry poppins- ask them to take out their shirt and all you see is a big belly and unshaped shoulders.. sad case. Don't be decieved, big bicep and triceps can make you look big but short- that's why you need your shoulder exercise.

Here are some techniques:
1. Dumbbell curls 2. Alternating dumbbell curls 3. Bent dumbbell curls

*go to http://www.intense-workout.com/bicep_exercises.html

Triceps and Biceps are 2-must-be-balanced muscle groups. Never get one bigger than the other. Here are some techniques:
1. Pumping 2. Back dumbbell lift- Raise your dumbbell with 2 hand and centre it to the back of your head. Then, slowly lift it higher till your arms are almost straight in the air.

One important thing I want to highlight is similar weight limits. Try to make your right arm and left arm able to carry the same weight with the same reps and set. You don't want to look distorted.

Here are my workout routines for this section:
Dumbbell curls-10reps, 4 sets[16kg] Alternate Dumbbell curls-20 reps, 3 sets[8.5kg] Bent Dumbbell curls-8-9 reps, 3 sets[6kg] Pumping- 15 reps, 3 sets Back Dumbbell lift- 11-12 reps, 5 sets[16kg]

Nothing beats having a good chest- it makes everything fit together from the shoulder to the abs connecting them. It certainly makes everything fuller and your shirt more compact. I get chest mainly by pumping but some still figure- how mine got so big? Simple, everytime you innitiate a pump, make sure your posture is focused on contracting and retracting your chest area. Of course, it hurts on my tricep and a bit of my shoulders too.

There are definitely machine and dumbbell based exercises but I don't do them. Here is one if you have a dumbbell and a bench.

Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes

1. Lie flat on a bench, feet firmly on floor.
2. Make sure that your butt, back, shoulders, and head are firmly positioned on the bench.
3. Press the dumbbells straight up above you. Your elbows should be slightly bent and your palms should be facing each other. In this position the dumbbells should be touching each other (or pretty close).
4. Keeping a slight bend in your elbows, slowly lower the dumbbells away from each other in an arc. Lower them until a comfortable stretch is felt in the chest area.

Here are my workout routine:
Pumping-15 rep,3 sets

I don't want to put too many pictures of myself. I will only continue depending on the respond so I guess I should this is it until then. Be blessed...
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Overnight At Dic's and Lunch at Tenji's
Hey guys! I'm updating on an outdated event on June 19. We gathered at Dic's house for a Slumber Party! We had dinner nearby and we hanged out at Dic's crib the whole time while talking and then watched Disaster Movie. The movie which is an insult to Hollywood that is. If the director is reading this, you better go back to your school of directing-wait.. did you attend any? You don't have to put 10 minutes of swearing non-stop at the end of the movie for your fill-up-the-time sake because I have no brain.

Next, a delightful treat at Tenji's!!! Oh my gosh! This restaurant is da bomb ma nig**!!!! hohohoho- This place rocks! They have everything from western to japanese ya'll! Its located at Mont Kiara and I encourage you to go if you don't mind splurging yourself to a good treat once in a while!

I don't really see the point of updating nowadays unless they are important happenings in my life to post up and lately I've just been at home so no need for updates yea..

Wont you look at that face.. especially Sher Mun's face.. looks like he got a plan..

Handsome giler.

Another one!

Andy Tan- The Director (the next director for Titanic 2!!)

KK Drift.

Them guys!

Darren praying! haha!

Life is like a row of bubble tea.. Some are sweet, some are too sweet, and some are minty. But they will always be balls that block our drinking way so it is up to us to eat them!




Like mother like son... So handsome..

My sister and I.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Fitness Post coming up!!!
Yeap, it will soon be here. I just needed to get a photographer and BAMM HALLELUJAH! Andy Tan reincarnate back to Malaysia!! Thank God for Andy Tan, if not I would have canceled the whole deal. So, please please wait until next Sunday! I am pretty sure it would be helpful and interesting! hehe...WUHUU, I'm so excited myself, it would be a good time for me to really push and hardcore bodybuild till next friday.

eh sung, why never drive yet? Got driver edi what.. Lucas Tan Li Kah... hHAHHHA JOKING LA BUDDY!!! Lucas is the safest driver man and thanks bro for always sending me!!! Oh, last Saturday I went for my 6 hours amali before I get my L! MAUIHAHAHA! Another 50% more to go sial!

That should be it and here is some sneak peak. I purposely made it blur though if you're wondering why my camera suddenly like 1.0 megapixel.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Prefects Reunion 2009
Hey Guys!

I would be handling the payment for the Prefects Reunion 2009 yea.

Start Time:
Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 7:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, June 21, 2009 at 12:00am
Holiday Villa (semi indoor/semi outdoor)



Selection of Crisp Lettuce Assorted Dressing
Sliced Tomato & Cucumber
Potato Salad


Corn on Cob
Baked Potato
Vegetable medley
Chinese Fried Rice
Fried Mee Siam


Marinated Chicken Wing
Grilled Sirloin Minute Steak
Dory Fillet Fish in Banana Leaf


Selection of Fresh Fruits
Bubur Pulut Hitam
Sliced Carrot Cake


Yes, I took it straight from the Prefects Reunion event page from Facebook! Now, the deadline is by this week 31st May 2009.

Some of you are asking a lot of questions:
Why Holiday Villa? Guess what, no place would be nice without people. Do you want to go to the Palace of the Golden Horses alone and dine with the waiter? Yeah, you can stop lying yourself.

So expensive la- Its RM 70 with a partner and RM75 without. Look at the course meal! How much do you pay to eat at a Japanese restaurant? Here, you get to see me doing retarded acting (your favorite), nominees perform, and many others! There are even all those old high school friends coming.

At night hot la- I agree it might be hot at night- guess what? That's better for the ladies and the hunks- You can dress sexier as an excuse to the weather! I topless di..

Above all, there are secrets to this years Prefects Reunion which I am pretty convinced of that would make a memorable event. It's a good surprise though.

Should you have made a decision, contact: 0176434223

See! I give you my contact number di, people pay thousands(rupiah) weh for this... What else you want me do? Jog topless a? I did it before di so many times- the taxi drivers go high weh.. hehhhehe
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Sunday, May 24, 2009
Should I?
Yes, I still remember what I've said, to post up a post on working out with my pictures for guidance on it.. Jon have been waiting for this man! whahahahah

Most probably the post will be up by next week. I hope I'll be in shape by then..
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Friday, May 8, 2009
The cats outside my house will die soon... If I al-Qaeda member right, I know where's my first target di. BOMB STRAIGHT WEHH, no house nvm la can build again. Annoying!!!!!!! EVERYTIME I PUT RUBBISH THERE THEY SURE DESTROY THE RUBBISH-ISHHH!!! Lucky I got Jesus, if not my Muay thai, silat all come out di.. Because of those cats right, I must go out side there and pick up all the polystrene packets and plastic spoon and those plastic bag waste.. Thank God the girl I like doesn't have cats, if not got dilemma di...
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